logotipo(2)MEDIS project addresses curriculum adaptation at Masters level of engineering schools of PC universities to incorporate in their curricula Advanced Industrial Informatics Specialization Modules (AIISM) for the efficient control of distributed and complex industrial processes.

This reform will allow formation of highly qualified engineers that will be easily integrated in the labour market. Moreover, the incorporation of these engineers to industry would achieve greater productivity, increasing competitiveness of companies, benefiting the development of the whole society. To this end the wider objective of MEDIS is: Integration of a Problem Based-Learning methodology in Industrial Technology Masters Degrees for the Formation of High Qualified Engineers in the design of Advanced Industrial Informatics Systems based on Microcomputers, Industrial Computers and Mobile and Cloud Computing Platforms.

The specific Objective are:

  • Propose the PBL methodology and develop resources for teaching AllSM
  • Integrate AIISM in the specific curricula of PC
  • Design training courses and perform formation of PC teachers, technicians and administrative staff
  • Implement AIISM-PBL in PC and assist them during deployment
  • Assess the implementation of AIISM
  • Disseminate and exploit AIISM results among stakeholders

The principal outcomes and outputs are:

  • Documentation of the design of AIISM-PBL methodology
  • Documentation of AIISM teaching resources
  • Documentation of AIISM Adaptation to specific curricula in PC
  • Documentation of the training courses Report of AIISM implementation and assistance
  • Report of the list of quality criteria and evaluation results
  • Report of dissemination plan, articles in journals and conferences, report to distribute among stakeholders, articles for Website and social networks
  • Report of sustainability and exploitation plan, network of stakeholders established
  • Governing board and agreements established, financial reports, operative Website


  • Organisation:   Universitat Politécnica de Valencia
  • Name:                  Francisco José
  • Last Name:        Mora Mas
  • Address:              Camino de Vera, 14 (46022)
  • Country:             SPAIN
  • Email:                   [email protected]
  • Phone:                +34 96 387 78 32



  • Organisation:   Universitat Politécnica de Valencia
  • Name:                  Houcine
  • Last Name:        Hassan
  • Address:              Camino de Vera, 14 (46022)
  • Country:             SPAIN
  • Email:                   [email protected]
  • Phone:                +34 96 387 75 78


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